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PREMIER MEDIA GROUP, Printing-Grand Format, Lubbock, TX


Premier Media Group's franchise sign program is supported and augmented by our patented Print-FX™ Design Studio application. We have spent years developing PrintFX™ and are now implementing it to allow franchises to generate extra revenue from their franchisees. The application allows franchisees to create a market for their individual products and add the revenue from online purchases to the corporate franchise fees, bringing in increased revenue. The Print-FX™ Design Studio also allows for a larger degree of design freedom for franchisees and their individual stores and products while ensuring that they will not accidentally break corporate design guidelines.

By giving franchises the opportunity for increased revenue while giving franchisees the opportunity for more design freedom and customization, we have truly created a unique chance for franchises to grow in size and increase their revenue.

What we can do for franchises:

  • Franchise logo design
  • Franchisee store and product design
  • Online design studio and order delivery support
  • Top-quality printing that mainatins corporate design compliance
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