PREMIER MEDIA GROUP, Printing-Grand Format, Lubbock, TX
Pre Press Guidelines
  • File formats accepted (see below for project specifics):
    • Adobe Illustrator CS2 and below (.ai or .eps format, fonts should be included with file or text should be converted to outlines after thorough spell and grammar checks).
    • Adobe Photoshop CS2 and below (.tiff or .psd format, please do not flatten .psd's)
    • Corel Draw (please export files to Illustrator with curves).
  • Digital Prints:
    • Image files must be provided as a CMYK file.
    • Either a paper print of the ordered file or an emailed .jpeg or .pdf MUST be included to ensure that the artwork has been received in full.
    • Files MUST be provided as one of the following: (1) Adobe Photoshop 7 or lower; (2) Adobe EPS; (3) TIFF; (4) Illustrator or appropriately converted Corel file STILL IN VECTOR FORMAT (flattened .eps formats from raster to Illustrator are not acceptable) with all correct colors and fonts.
    • For raster images, MUST be at a resolution of 50 dpi at full size. Art can be sent at smaller sizes with proportionately raised dpi so that it will scale properly.
  • Type Copy & Line Art: (Usually used in di-cut vinyl or screen printing)
    • Type, logos, and illustrations should be provided in one of the VECTOR BASED formats listed above, NOT as bitmapped art or any raster image format (.jpeg, .tif, .psd, .gif, or any other photo based software).
    • To avoid missing or mismatched fonts for text in Illustrator you MUST (a) convert to outlines/paths (double spell check before sending as no changes can be made after this); (b) or include fonts with the files sent to ensure they will be correct.
  • Placed Graphics:
    • Any elements from applications other than the file sent that have been "placed" must also be provided as a separate file (with acceptable resolution, as listed above).
    • .eps files should not be embedded within .eps files.
    • All artwork must be provided in CMYK format, not RGB. Please check files before sending for this.
  • Color Specs:
    • Corresponding Pantone colors MUST be included if matching is essential. If you do not know the Pantone color, give us a CMYK breakdown of the colors to match.
    • For digital printing, all blacks must consist of 100% of all 4 process colors.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Use gradients for graduated blends.
    • DO NOT place type closer than 3 inches (at actual size) to the visible edge of the print (applies only to fleet side graphics).
    • Cropped print sections are available for color proofing. Must be requested when order is placed, and allow 4 to 6 extra days for shipping and processing.
    • If you have any questions regarding your art, PLEASE call or email a designer to check on them before sending incorrect art.
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