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PSA Vinyl

PSA Vinyl, or Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Vinyl , is one of Premier Media Group's most important substrates. Some of our key PSA vinyl applications include vehicle wraps, frontlit flex faces for cabinets, banners, vehicle window wraps, store front window signs, floor graphics, street graphics and more. With our substrate partners Arlon, Mactac®, 3M&trade, and Oracal®, Premier Media Group has a solution for your various Vinyl PSA graphics needs.

Digital PSA Vinyl signage can be applied to any hard or flexible substrate such as vehicle wraps, project signage, decals, bumper stickers, banner material, flex face material, transit advertising, bus shelters and more. Whether you need long or short-term removable signage, digital printed vinyl or die-cut simple text, PSA Vinyl can give you the versatility you need.

Perforated Window Screens were originally produced for car wraps, pickup wraps, van wraps or bus wraps by applying them to the vehicle windows. Doing this created a viewable image from the outside, but still allowed people to see out from the inside of the vehicle. Premier Media Group has taken window screens a step further by applying it to store front windows, allowing the business to advertise their message or logo while maintaining outside visibility.

WindowAd&trade and Static Cling Vinyl are both commonly used for grocery stores, convenience stores and business store fronts, giving their users a short-term advertising message display. WindowAd&trade Vinyl and Static Cling Vinyl can be printed for inside or outside applications for door or window decals.

Floor Graphic and RoadTac&trade Vinyl come with UL-rated lamination that exceeds the industry standard ASTM D2047 State Coefficient of Friction Requirements. Whether your marketing campaign requires a short-term light foot traffic application or a longer-term high foot traffic application, Premier Media Group offers both forms of UL-rated lamination. RoadTac&trade Vinyl has taken the aggressive adhesive vinyl to new limits by applying it to sidewalks, asphalt parking lots or streets, and select outdoor wall surfaces. RoadTac&trade and Floor Graphics help you promote or build your brand from the ground up!

Specific Product Information - Digital PSA Vinyl

  • Cast Digital Printed PSA Vinyl
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Cast 2 mil PSA Vinyl
  • 5-7 year life with UV Lamination
  • Widths up to 52" digitally printed
  • Calendared Digital Printed PSA Vinyl
  • Permanent or Removable Adhesive
  • Depending on brand 3 mil to 4 mil
  • 1-3 year life
  • Widths up to 52" digitally printed

Specific Product Information - Cut PSA Vinyl

  • Cast Cut Vinyl
  • 2 mil Cast
  • 7 Year Life, Many Colors Available
  • Widths up to 48"
  • Calendared Cut Vinyl
  • 3 mil Calendared
  • 5 Year Life, Many Colors Available
  • Width up to 48"

Specific Product Information - Perforated Window Screen

  • Perforated calendared film with black adhesive back
  • Graphics are visible from the outside and see through from the inside
  • 50/50 Viewing 50% open area for optimal two way viewing
  • 3 year outdoor durability
  • Widths up to 52"

Specific Product Information - WindowAd™ / Static Cling

  • WindowAd™ Vinyl
  • 4 Mil White or Clear Removable Vinyl
  • Low Tack Removable Adhesive
  • Widths up to 52"
  • Static Cling Vinyl
  • 7.5 Mil White or Clear Vinyl
  • Clings to smooth, glossy, clean surfaces
  • Width up to 52"

Specific Product Information - Floor Graphic / RoadTac™ Vinyl

  • Floor Graphic Vinyl
  • White or Clear Removable Vinyl
  • Laminated with UL rated Floor Lamination
  • Short or Long term (up to 2 years) applications
  • Overlaminate for light or heavy foot traffic
  • Widths up to 52"
  • RoadTac™ Vinyl
  • 3.4 Mil Vinyl with 5 Mil UL rated Overlaminate
  • Designed for concrete or asphalt surfaces
  • Agressive acrylic adhesive
  • 3 Months Outdoor Life
  • Widths up to 52"

Commonly used for:

  • Vehicle wraps
  • Bumper stickers
  • Storefront advertising
  • Window decals
  • Floor graphics
  • Long-term or short-term signage
  • Banners
  • Store advertising signs
  • Airport/mall advertising
  • Trade show displays
  • Store identification signs
  • Point of Purchase signs
  • Restaurant signs
  • Taxi/transit signs
  • Convenience store signs
  • School scoreboard signs
  • Interior menu cabinets
  • Construction signs
  • Vending & refreshment signs
  • Business signage
  • Parade and marathon signs
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