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What is BrandLoc™? Brandloc™ is our name for the special process of customizing a brand while maintaining essential corporate compliance.

Essential Elements of BrandLoc™

Image Quality Compliance (IQC) - The PrintFX™ Design Studio interprets the resolution of each image uploaded to the PrintFX™ Design Studio and, depending on the product line, will use IQC to alert the user if the file's resolution is too low for optimal printing.

Logo Control - Utilizing Hierarchy Admin Control, this feature allows for limitation of logo and slogan changes within the PrintFX™ Design Studio by omitting the stretch, skew and rotate features. This allows only the general and midlevel user the ability to change the logos and slogans proportionally. (Patent Pending).

Corporate Color Creation - The Corporate Color Creation feature gives companies the ability to select from (or add to) our color palette. Each Corporate PressShop™ owner will have the ability to create their own certified color palette and be notified each time these colors are used within a design. The design will also meet their brand compliance and each set of prints will look identical. All of our default colors within the PrintFX™ Design Studio use the international PMS Pantone® color palette. This gives the user's design optimal print color quality and assurance.

Font Control - Grants the administrator the ability to upload each of their company's fonts and have them calibrated to our PrintFX™ process for printing.

Artwork Control - BrandLoc™ gives users special options related to artwork manipulation, which includes the use of Graphixbacks™ (special predesigned backgrounds), Image Masking (Patent Pending), and unique rotation of design elements to give you an unprecedented degree of control that stays compliant with corporate brand specifications.

Layered Design Template Control - this allows users to give design layers specific names, which clarifies the design process. For example, the user can name the design layer functioning as their background "background" for easier reference. This gives anyone, including non-designers, the ability to create professional-grade designs.

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