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Media Buying

There are many companies that underestimate the amount of planning and expertise it takes to buy advertising media that will create a truly effective ad campaign. Premier Media Group speaks with hundreds of companies a year who are very unhappy with their advertising ROI at the end of a campaign. They have trouble figuring out why their advertising message didn't more accurately hit its mark. There are several important elements to media buying that these companies are usually overlooking. Premier Media Group is not necessarily a holistic media agency as much as it is a media buyer for specific media such as billboards, taxi advertising, transit advertising, building wraps (wallscapes) and site placements. We know these advertising mediums and will provide you with the best advice and direction for what we know.

We know what works - Having knowledge of the industry and advertising mediums you're working with is the key to media success. At PMG we know a lot of important information concerning out-of-home advertising. We know what will and what won't save you time and money. As your printing partner, we help you find and negotiate with the right media company and provide the printing at a cost you would not receive from a media company. Premier Media Group knows that a media company will likely take your business even on a campaign that won't hit an optimal target audience. Since we take a lot of pride in our printed material, we want to help you create a campaign that is effective. We help you find the media company and advertising placement that will serve you best. When we do that, everyone wins. Your advertising campaign is a greater success, and our quality prints get the recognition and attention for your campaign.

Finding unique advertising mediums: We look at each of our clients' situations as a unique opportunity to reach consumers. While we are experts in dealing with more traditional media, we love the opportunity to try new and exciting advertising approaches - from bus wraps and giant building wraps to decals that you can put almost anywhere in malls or airports. We can work in any advertising domain - from inside a store to a variety of out-of-home advertising locations.

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