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Premier Media Group (PMG) is a wholesale manufacturer specializing in Grand Format and Flatbed Digital Printing, Certified ADA/Braille products, Electrical Sign Fabrication, Apparel and Substrate Screen Printing. Over the last twenty years we have grown from a small local sign production company based in Texas to an international print wholesaler servicing clients in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Because of the relationships we have built with our distributors and manufacturers, we offer special warranties and pricing on many of our product lines. PMG guarantees that should a problem arise with print or product failure, we will fix it immediately. Once we correct the issue we will handle the warranty claim with the manufacturer on your behalf. At PMG, we pride ourselves in our ability to guarantee that we have the solution to any client’s printing or fabrication needs. Premier Media Group meets new challenges faced by our clients each and every day with our constant commitment to quality and creative problem solving to ensure the client’s success.




Creative Design

Graphic Design for grand format printing is much different than offset printing. The process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the correct use of typography, space, image and color depending on the use of the product. Whether it’s a billboard, a Vehicle Wrap, or an Electrical Identification sign, Premier Media Group can help guide you through this process with creative and skillful solutions. PMG’s Graphic Design Team takes pride by using their creative and grand format knowledge to create successful results.

Digital Printing

At Premier Media Group we pride ourselves in our ability to print almost anything. We offer grand-format printing capabilities that are fully custom to present the broadest range of options. With PMG’s patented techniques, cutting-edge technology, and the capability to print on a variety of substrates, we provide can provide a 16 foot seamless wholesale flex face to small die cut lettering with our roll to roll capabilities.


Flatbed Digital Printing

Premier Media Group expanded our print and router/cut capabilities with UV Flatbed Printers and Zund Cut/Router System. PMG’s capabilities allows for printing on a wide variety of substrates such as PVC, plastic sheeting, acrylics, aluminum, wood, tile, glass and router/cutting to any shape! The flatbed printer adjusts to make it possible to print on substrates ranging from a sheet of paper up to 1.5 inches in thickness and more economical than screen-printing on short runs for high quality printing.




Screen Printing

In Premier Media Group’s Screen Print Department, we offer both apparel and hard substrate large quantity printing. Allow PMG to share over 30 years of screen printing experience to help make the most out of your apparel graphics in an economical way. Premier Media Group has state of the art automated presses to product large quantity runs with a fast pace. Screen Printing substrates such as corrugated plastic, aluminum, PVC, vinyl and more gives another economical option to produce high quantities where flatbed printing cannot.

Sign Fabrication

Since Premier Media Group has both a print and fabrication facility, we can produce a complete product whether you are needing a wholesale electrical sign cabinet with a flex face or wholesale channel letters with digitally printed translucent vinyl, PMG can meet your requirements. Premier Media Group being a Watchfire® distributor, our expert team can help you find the right LED message board or LED fuel price changer for your project. Whether your project requires a complete package with a new cabinet or just add to an existing cabinet or monument.


Certified ADA/Braille

Need help with ADA/Braille compliant signs or Wayfinders? Our talented 3D designers and knowledgable staff can help add a great design to the mandatory ADA compliant signs during the planning stages to completion for Architect’s, Engineer’s, and Construction Company’s. PMG delivers stunning signs with clear messages that meet ADA guidelines in all aspects, freeing you from the hassles normally associated with ADA compliance. PMG’s team can also produce Wayfinder or Directional Signage that includes many different substrates from cast metal letters to directional sign monuments.