Vehicle Decal & Wraps

Vehicle Decals and Wraps come in many different forms whether you are advertising for short term events or permanent business markings. Vehicle Wraps and Decals drive your marketing and advertising around the block. Mobile advertising has become a norm with fortune 500 companies and should be in every advertising budget. Turning your fleet of 1 or 1000 vehicles into a rolling billboard or a 50 foot mobile billboard driving down the road that will generate more than 10,000,000 impressions a year. Truck advertising, Vehicle wraps, and Transit advertising are one of the most cost effective out of home advertising mediums in today’s marketing budget. Many of today’s top advertising agency’s use vehicle advertising to penetrate markets with frequency where regular billboards are restricted. Since mobile advertising is more cost effective than any other from of outdoor advertising, companies can saturate markets without breaking the bank. Premier Media Group can accommodate and create a rotating fleet graphic program that can accommodate every promotion or long term business identification.

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