Vinyl Decals has many uses from translucent decals for electrical signs, Vehicle decals or wraps, Decals for windows, floors, streets, walls and more! Magnetic Signs commonly used for vehicle identification or interior magnetic for menu boards and refrigerator mags!

SIGN DECALS include translucent vinyls for electrical sign faces or removable short term for taxi topper advertising. Premium high quality long term decal which are commonly used for long term project signs, business store front identification, real estate signs, truck decals, and any other type of long term signs. Standard Vinyl Decal is a medium term vinyl which is most commonly used for vehicle bumper stickers, smaller decals, store front decals, project signs and any other type of signage requiring a shorter term of life. Reflective Sign Decals are used for emergency signs, warning, and danger signs where reflective markings are required at night.
VEHICLE DECAL AND WRAPS can be accomplished with many different forms of vinyl whether you are needing short term vehicle signage such as transit bus or trailer advertising, to long term vehicle business identification, or emergency markings for emergency vehicles such as EMS or Police markings. Choose to mark your vehicle with just text lettering and a picture to a quarter wrap, to a half wrap, or to a full vehicle wrap!
WINDOW DECALS are most commonly used for store front identification, business product advertising, sale signs, or event marketing. Choose between many different substrates such as vinyl decal, perforated window decal, static cling decal, or our new product reflective perforated window decal!
FLOOR AND STREET DECALS have become more popular than ever using your imagination to market your product or event. Whether you want a decal for interior, outdoor on sidewalks, or street graphics on asphalt Premier Media Group can find you the best product for your application.
WALL DECALS are commonly used interior in restaurants, business conference rooms or foyers, or simply in your home! Exterior wall decals or wrap can be accomplished on brick, cement, and many other exterior wall applications. This can be for short term or medium term advertisements and events.
MAGNETIC SIGNS come in two thicknesses for exterior and interior magnetic signs. Exterior magnetic is a great re-usable sign for vehicles, trailers, and equipment ID signage. Interior is a lightweight magnetic for menu boards, POP displays, pizza menus, business cards, wall graphic systems and more!

  • Sign Decal

    Sign Decal

    Translucent Vinyls are great for any interior lighted displays or exterior lighted sign cabinets when adhered to an acrylic, polycarbonate, or flexible translucent substrate. Premium Translucent Vinyl is a long term manufactured cut vinyl or digitally ...
  • Window Decal

    Window Decal

    Window Decals are a great way to advertise your business or event, whether you are covering a vehicle window, store front window, or a sky scraper! Perforated Window Decals give the graphic image on the outside of ...
  • Vehicle Decal & Wraps

    Vehicle Decal & Wraps

    Vehicle Decals and Wraps come in many different forms whether you are advertising for short term events or permanent business markings. Vehicle Wraps and Decals drive your marketing and advertising around the block. Mobile advertising ...
  • Floor / Street Decal

    Floor / Street Decal

    Advertising space has taken to interior floor spaces, stairs, sidewalks, and streets! Optimizing advertising messages by using incredible optical illusions that enhance your product or store branding. Create more than just words on a ...
  • Wall Decal

    Wall Decal

    Wall Decals come in many different forms and should be considered with the end use in mind. If the customer is a retail store or university needing a permanent solution, Custom Digitally Printed Wallpaper ...
  • Magnetic Sign

    Magnetic Sign

    Magnetic Sign has two thicknesses for interior and exterior signs. Exterior Magnetic Signs are a great way to advertise on your vehicle, trailer or equipment. Magnetic Signs are easy to apply and remove as ...