Pre-Press Guidelines

Download a copy of  Pre-Press Guidelines for Cut / Router and Screen Print or Digital Print

File Formats Accepted

Adobe® Illustrator™ CS 2 – CC (.ai format. If exporting from an application like Corel Draw™ please include “with curves” export option and outline all text prior to submission)
Adobe® Photoshop™ CS 2 – CC (.psd format. Layers preferred)
Adobe® Photoshop™ CS 2 – CC Large Format (.psp format. For files greater than 30,000px x 30,000px or 1.5gb in size)
Tiff (.tif. .tiff. For folders up to 4GB in size please FLATTEN prior to submission)

Submission Guidelines

ALL art should be provided in CMYK ONLY.
Blacks must consist of 100% black and an even distribution of at least 35% of each other color (ie, CMYK 35, 35, 35, 100)
Any desired Pantone™ Color match should be provided AT TIME OF SUBMISSION
Any objects placed on an artboard must also be provided as a separate file to prevent image loss.
Files should never be placed within additional files (nesting). Any linked files should be embedded properly.
All Fonts should be converted to outlines (for ai) or rasterized (for psd/psd/tif) prior to submission. Embedded fonts may not print properly.

Digital Prints

Small preview file in websafe (gif, jpg, png, svg) or .pdf format MUST be included to ensure provided artwork was provided in full.
Raster Images MUST be provided at an equivalent minimum resolution of 24dpi at full size. Art may be provided at smaller scale with a proportionate DPI (ie, 200dpi for 1/4 scale). 100 dpi is recommended for most applications.
Please FLATTEN .tif file prior to submission.

Cut/ Routed Files

VECTOR format ONLY (ai preferred). Raster Images (.tif, psd, gif, jpg, png) will be converted to outlines at AN ADDITIONAL FEE.
All type must be converted to outlines. Be sure to check all spelling and layout choices prior to submission.

Screen Printing

VECTOR format ONLY (ai preferred). Raster Images (.tif, psd, gif, jpg, png) will be converted to outlines at AN ADDITIONAL FEE.
Pantone or Ink Names must be provided for all spot colors.
4-color separations must be provided in CMYK.
There are many variations in screen printing, please provide as much information as possible with your submission to guarantee an accurate print!

Closing Notes

Be aware of limitations of your substrate. If you have any questions about margins, layout, or bleed, please ask your designer!
Cropped print sections may be provided upon request. Please allow 4-6 extra days for shipping and processing.

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