Custom Digital Wallpaper

Premier Media Group to convert new stores for the Plateau brand through custom designed Digital Wallpaper and POP monthly poster prints.

Plateau a wireless, internet, and telephone provider, has a long established relationship with Premier Media Group working with their design agency and staff.  When a series of new Plateau stores opened in the West Texas / New Mexico region, Plateau contracted Premier Media Group to convert the new stores to the Plateau brand through custom digital wallpaper and point-of-purchase monthly poster prints.

This process began with a careful survey of the retail location. Things like door trim, wall features, and other unusual details were measured out exactly so the PMG designers could incorporate them into the final design. Unique features for each location mean that each wall layout would be slightly different while still conforming to the brand identity and original art provided by Plateau. Premier Media Group’s design team worked carefully with Plateau Marketing Department to place art where it would have the maximum Point-of-Sales impact.

Our print techs took special care to guarantee exact color match according to the PMS colors given to PMG and printing on Custom Digital Wallpaper. During installation, the sinuous lines included in the design meant that the panels had to line up exactly to produce seamless art across an entire wall. Installation technicians took special care to ensure all walls of the store appeared as a single, continuous image.  Each store’s installation gave Premier Media Group the opportunity to produce unique work within the Plateau Brand and which has given Plateau an inviting storefront with top-quality art on every wall.

Wall with TV