Custom Digital Wallpaper


Custom Digital Wallpaper is most commonly used as wall coverings for store wall displays, hospital murals, museum scene backgrounds, borders, and murals. Custom Digital Wallpaper arrives in rolls and is easy to install utilizing conventional heavy-duty wall covering paste application materials and techniques. Wallpaper comes in many different textures for your individual application.  Includes UV lamination for protection and easy cleaning.

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Custom digitally printed wall paper is a great way to brand the interior walls with a more permanent upper look solution.

  • Retail Store
  • Convenience store – C-Store
  • Grocery Store walls
  • Restaurant Interiors
  • Daycare Play Areas and halls
  • University Locker Rooms
  • School Hall Areas
  • Private Business ID Branding
  • Banking Foyers
  • Heathcare Waiting Rooms
  • Travel & Tourism Branding

Download Complete Digital Pre-Press Art Requirements

Download Complete Router/Screen Print Pre-Press Art Requirements


  • COREL DRAW™ – Include WITH CURVES Export Option – OUTLINE ALL Text
  • ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP™ CS 2 – CC – .PSD Format – Layers Preferred
  • ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP™ CS 2 – CC LARGE FORMAT – .PSP FORMAT.  For files greater than 30,000PX x 30,000PX or 1.5GB in size
  • TIFF – .TIF OR .TIFF – Files up to 4GB in size – FLATTEN prior to submission



    • Artwork must be provided in CMYK only
    • Blacks must consist of 100% black and even distribution of 35% CMY (C:35% M35% Y35% K100%)
    • Provide any desired Pantone Color Match at time of Submission
    • Objects placed on an artboard must be provided a a separate file to prevent image loss
    • Nesting of files should never be placed within additional files – any linked files should be embedded properly
    • All fonts should be Converted to Outlines (For .AI) or Rasterized (For .PSD/.TIF) – Embedded fronts may not print properly


Cut / Router Options

  • Decal Cut – The shape of a square corner cut much like a bumper sticker, simple square or rectangle.
  • Contour Cut – Cut to the outside shape of the art object such as a circle, rounded corner object, or a graphic leaving no margin. This cut will NOT be cut inside the art object.
  • Bubble Cut – When the art is too intricate to be contour cut or die cut.  A bubble cut leaves .25 inch or smaller of the vinyl or substrate around the art object and will NOT be cut inside the art object.  Bubble Cut can also be used to combine text and graphic as one piece.

Custom Digital Wallpaper is an interior mounted wall covering for a permanent upper end look.

          • 11 textures available
          • Wall covering has been tested to ASTM E96-02 Water Vapor Transmission of Materials
          • Appox. 25,000 micro-vented holes per square foot of surface area required to minimize mold and mildew
          • Wall surfaces must be free from defects and imperfections that could show through the finished covered surface
          • Best installed on a primed clean wall surface
          • Install using a commercial grade wall covering paste and wall prep

Install Instructions:

Wallpaper Install/Prep Pg1

Wallpaper Install/Prep Pg2

Wallpaper Install/Prep Pg3