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Interior Wayfinder Signs or Directional Signs provide customers, visitors, or occupants an easy way to find their way through offices, hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes, shopping malls, auditoriums, university campuses, School campuses, public government buildings, and more. Premier Media Group can design and manufacture a completely customized electrical or non-electrical wayfinder or directional sign with our state of the art wide range of printers, routers, engravers, and equipment using today’s most unique and proven materials. Whether your project or building needs an elevator directory, warning signs, caution signs, room identification signs, or lighted emergency exit signs PMG will provide unity and visually appealing signs throughout your building or campus.

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Wayfinder /Directional Signage provides the public an easy way to find their way through buildings and campuses giving uniformity to your building or campus.

  • Office Building – Office location directory, room identification wayfinder signs, hallway ceiling wayfinder, and lighted emergency signs.
  • Hospital- Room directory, floor directory, elevator wayfinder, directional halls signs, nurse station wayfinder, suite department signs, utility room signs, supply room signs, hall wayfinders, lighted and non-lite emergency signs.
  • Hotel or Motel Sign –  Room identification signs, hall directional signs, pool signs, vending machine wayfinder signs, restaurant directory, menu signs, hotel complex directory signs, office identification signs
  • Apartment – Complex directory, apartment identification signs, apartment pool signs, elevator signs, emergency signs, recreation areas, office identification signs
  • Mall – Store directory, restroom areas, administrative offices, lost and found office, emergency area, store indoor traffic signs, food court
  • Theater –  Show titles, restrooms, game area signs, theater administrative offices, show directory, ticket directory, food court sign, theater emergency signs
  • Civic Centers or Coliseum –  Room Directory, hall wayfinder, administrative office directory, restrooms, ticket directory, show area wayfinder
  • Museum – Research directory, museum administrative offices, exhibit display wayfinder, laboratory directory, restroom wayfinder,


Custom Interior Directional/Wayfinder Signs can be constructed simply by using just an acrylic flat face with digital or color vinyl to a more elaborate combination of flat face with dimensional cut router layering of products.  To give an upper end look using brushed chrome standoffs to offset the sign from the wall.


  • Acrylics -Clear or standard colors, Thickness available in 1/8″ to 1/2″
  • ACM Product – Colors standard or custom painted, Black Core, Thickness 3mm to 6mm
  • Micro-surfaced Impact Acrylic – Custom engrave or router, Finish – 1 finish on top and engrave to another color giving depth
  • Expanded PVC – Standard Colors, Custom painted, Digitally printed
  • Aluminum – Standard or Digitally printed, Custom painted, Custom router cut, Thickness .040 to .080
  • HDU Sign Foam – Custom router, Custom painted, Thickness 1/2″ to 1.5″


Finishes Available

  • Brushed surface
  • Smooth surface
  • Standard colors
  • Custom painted colors
  • Gloss or matte finish
  • Non-glare finish
  • Metallic
  • Smooth

Download Complete Digital Pre-Press Art Requirements

Download Complete Router/Screen Print Pre-Press Art Requirements


  • COREL DRAW™ – Include WITH CURVES Export Option – OUTLINE ALL Text
  • ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP™ CS 2 – CC – .PSD Format – Layers Preferred
  • ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP™ CS 2 – CC LARGE FORMAT – .PSP FORMAT.  For files greater than 30,000PX x 30,000PX or 1.5GB in size
  • TIFF – .TIF OR .TIFF – Files up to 4GB in size – FLATTEN prior to submission



    • Artwork must be provided in CMYK only
    • Blacks must consist of 100% black and even distribution of 35% CMY (C:35% M35% Y35% K100%)
    • Provide any desired Pantone Color Match at time of Submission
    • Objects placed on an artboard must be provided a a separate file to prevent image loss
    • Nesting of files should never be placed within additional files – any linked files should be embedded properly
    • All fonts should be Converted to Outlines (For .AI) or Rasterized (For .PSD/.TIF) – Embedded fronts may not print properly


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