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Price Watcher Gas Price Displays are the station owner and operators most requested must have list.  Watchfire LED price watcher displays  are easy to install, maintain, and operate. This price watcher offers a bright fuel price display that can be changed safely, day or night, with the included 5-button remote within a line-of-sight range of up to 200 feet. Optional POS capability (such as VeriFone) lets the display sync your sign with in-store pricing to update instantly.

This fully assembled unit is a complete ‘plug and play’ sign solution. Front ventilation makes installation or retrofit quick, easy and affordable while boosting energy efficiency and lengthening LED life. Built-in ventilation also eliminates the need for add-on kits or expensive electrical work. The energy-efficient design will pay dividends every time you open your utility bill.

A thick character stroke and windowless design makes Price Watcher display highly visible, while zoning-friendly brightness settings automatically adjust to appropriate day and nighttime levels. Custom controls let you set the brightness of specific digits or the whole sign. Use Price Watcher to advertise prices for other merchandise by customizing turning digits on or off, or using the decimal and nine tenths to display prices in any format. Choose from gallon or liter pricing in red or green characters. Gallon pricing is also available in amber.

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Price Watcher Gas Price Displays offer petroleum retailers a reliable and energy efficient fuel price sign solution.  Price displays drive traffic from the pump to the store is a proven way to increase profits.

  • Convenience Store gas pricing
  • Truck Stop fuel pricing
  • RV Park gas pricing
  • Gas Stations
  • Grocery Store gas pricing
  • Tow Highway pricing


Best choice for flexibility and convenience, Watchfire Price Watcher signs help the growing market for independent gas stations, convenience stores, and national chains looking for reliable LED gas price sign solutions.

  • Install with ease – The fully assembled unit is a ‘plug and play’ sign solution. It makes installation or retrofit quick, easy and affordable.
  • Change prices conveniently – 5-button wireless remote is a safe and effective way to change sign prices with up to 200 ft. line-
    of-sight range. They can even sync the sign with in-store pricing to update instantly.
  • Flexibility – Advertise prices for other merchandise by turning on/off digits, decimal or nine tenths to display any price
  • Brightness – Zoning friendly brightness settings automatically adjust to appropriate day and nighttime levels
  • Construction – Fully encapsulated modules; Self-contained unit; Through-hole LEDs
  • Ventilation – Front-vent design boosts energy efficiency, lengthens LED life and lowers utility bills.
  • Built-in fans – Effectively cool components, eliminating the need for add-on kits or expensive electrical work.
  • 3-year Warranty – covers all Watchfire manufactured parts and factory labor.


Price watcher specs

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