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Custom Back Lit, Front Lit, or Non-Illuminated Cabinets are one of the most common forms of permanent business building, pylon pole or monument sign.  Since these cabinets are custom, Premier Media Group can engineer a cabinet in most any shape, size, and color.  Cabinets can be single sided or double sided, pole mounted, flush mounted, or inserted into a monument. Decorate the cabinet face with a custom flexible digitally printed face, flexible face with translucent vinyl applied, flat acrylic or poly-carbonate, high impact formed pan face, or a formed embossed face.



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Illuminated Electrical Cabinet or Non-Illuminated Cabinet comes in many different forms such as interior LED illuminated, projected front lit illumination, or no illumination.  Cabinets can be mounted onto front of a building, a wall, a pylon pole, or inside a monument.

  • Store Front Identification Signs
  • Airport Signs and Monuments
  • Office Building Signs
  • Mall Interior Store Signs
  • Shopping Center or Mall Identification Sign
  • University and Department Identification, University Logo Sign, and Mascot Signs
  • Event and Park Cabinet Signs
  • Business or Office Entrance Monuments

Custom Exterior Illuminated Cabinet, Non-Illuminated Cabinet, or Front Lit Cabinet are custom manufactured to your specific size, shape, and mounting restraints.  Engineered construction for custom applications using a steel or aluminum frame depending on size and weight constrictions of building, pole, wall or monument.  Decorated face options: digitally printed 15oz or 20oz flex face, digitally printed flex face with blocked out areas for specific illumination, eradicated flexible face, formed poly-carbonate, formed embossed poly-carbonate, acrylic, flat poly-carbonate face, or opaque frontlit flex face in 15oz, 18oz or 22oz.


  • Aluminum skin available in .040 or .063
  • Standard or Custom size aluminum retainer width
  • Engineered Steel or aluminum custom frame
  • Riveted and Caulked Seams
  • LED Illuminated for long term cost efficiency and environmental friendly


  • Backlit Flex Face – Available in 15oz or 20oz PremierFlex™ or 3M ™Panagraphics™ III – digitally printed and UV laminated or translucent vinyl decoration
  • Eradicated Flex Face – Available in standard manufacture colors – 16oz or 20oz
  • Frontlit Flexible Face – Available in 13oz, 15oz or 18oz – Digitally printed with UV Lamination or Translucent vinyl decoration
  • High Impact Acrylic Face available 1/8″ or 3/16″ thickness – decoration standard color or digitally printed translucent vinyl
  • Poly-carbonate Face .118″, .150″ or .177″ thickness – decoration standard color or digitally printed translucent vinyl
  • Vacuum Formed Pan Face – decoration standard translucent colors, digitally printed translucent vinyl, or custom painted on 2nd surface
  • Formed Embossed Face – Custom painted on 2nd surface


  • Pole Mount available – Center Pole or Double Pole with stud mounts for welding
  • Between Pole Mount  – Horizontal or Vertical – Angle brackets for mounting
  • Flush Mount or Monument Mount


Download Complete Digital Pre-Press Art Requirements

Download Complete Router/Screen Print Pre-Press Art Requirements


  • COREL DRAW™ – Include WITH CURVES Export Option – OUTLINE ALL Text
  • ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP™ CS 2 – CC – .PSD Format – Layers Preferred
  • ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP™ CS 2 – CC LARGE FORMAT – .PSP FORMAT.  For files greater than 30,000PX x 30,000PX or 1.5GB in size
  • TIFF – .TIF OR .TIFF – Files up to 4GB in size – FLATTEN prior to submission



    • Artwork must be provided in CMYK only
    • Blacks must consist of 100% black and even distribution of 35% CMY (C:35% M35% Y35% K100%)
    • Provide any desired Pantone Color Match at time of Submission
    • Objects placed on an artboard must be provided a a separate file to prevent image loss
    • Nesting of files should never be placed within additional files – any linked files should be embedded properly
    • All fonts should be Converted to Outlines (For .AI) or Rasterized (For .PSD/.TIF) – Embedded fronts may not print properly


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